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1969-70 Ford Drag Team - Dearborn Flashback

T H E ! G O I N G ! T H I N G

The FORD DRAG TEAM was Ford's factory drag racing team for 1969 and 1970. The team was quite active, running super stock and match races, and giving performance seminars at Ford Dealers. The eastern Team Captain was, the "Georgia Shaker" himself, long-time Ford pilot Hubert Platt. Platt's teammate was Randy Payne. The western Team Captain was Ed Terry partnered with Dick Wood. Using two 1969 428 Cobra Jet Torinos and two 1969 428 Cobra Jet Mustangs in Super Stock, and two 1969 Mustang fastbacks equipped with the famous 427 SOHC for match racing, these cars were drag strip terrors. They were painted blue with white hoods and white '69 Boss 302 style stripes and also a flip-flop scheme of white with blue stripes. The match-race SOHC cars also featured a huge Boss 429 style hood scoop, and American Torq-Thrust wheels. Both SOHC Mustangs were converted to 1970-style front end and rear taillamps after the '69 season concluded.


Drag Racing's High-Performance Hitchhikers.... Ford Truck Times magazine summer 1969 issue featues an article on the Ford Drag Team. "When an authority like CAR Magazine establishes an award for Top Performance Car of the Year, you expect the award to go to a particular car. And so it has-in every year except 1969. This year, instead it of giving the award to a car, the judges presented it to a manufacturer. The manufacturer is Ford Motor Company-and the award is for what CAR Magazine calls: 'attitudes and achievements in the High Performance field.' Two of the achievements mentioned in the award are the Ford Mach I Ram-Air Mustang and the Ford Torino Cobra 428, currently demonstrating their award-winning form on drag strips around the country. Scheduled for close to 100 appearances before an estimated 2,000,000 fans, the cars are the stars of two Ford drag racing teams-the Eastern Ford Drag Team featuring drivers Hubert Platt and Randy Payne, and the Western Ford Drag Team with drivers Ed Terry and Richard Wood. Between races, the forward-running Ford cars take a back seat behind another pair of Ford achievements-two Ford C-850 trucks which ferry the cars along the drag racing circuit. A Torino and Mustang travel in each truck. During the week, you'll find the big trucks parked at local Ford Dealer headquarters, where the Ford Drag Teams are hard at work promoting the joint themes of performance and safety. This is an all-out effort which includes setting up Ford Drag Clubs and hosting drag racing clinics, complete with racing films and veteran lecturers. Weekends , the C-850's carry the Ford cars to the tracks for a further demonstartion of the best- and safest-ways to beat the track competition. Then, on to the next Ford dealership and the next race, with one or the other of the drivers taking advantage of the sleeper accommodations in each truck. In addition to sleeping quarters, the truck-and-trailer design allows for storage space for the drivers' equipment, a small 'balcony' area that can be used to watch the team cars in action on the tracks, and special compartments containing lecture materials and engine components mounted on special demonstration boards. The parts demonstration boards provide some of the inside story on the performance advantages of the 428 Cobra Jet engine, which is no stranger to certain ford truck owners. The 428 is one of the engines offered in the Ford Ranchero, another Ford performance achievement in the Ford pickup line."


"Further evidence or Detroit's awareness of the popularity of drag racing is Ford's new Drag Club program. One of the most popular features of the Ford drag race clinics is the question and answer session that follows the formal presentation. A look at the photo left, proves the fantastic acceptance of this type of program; dealerships throughout the country are reporting huge crowds at each of the clinics. A drag racers dream - that's the most apt description of beautiful rigs and cars that the two drag teams are campaigning." From the May 1969 issue of Hot Rod magazine.


"Neither sleet nor snow nor cloudy skies can keep these diggers from their appointed rounds. But watch out for that blowin' sand!" The third annual Stardust National Open at Stardust International Raceway near Las Vegas was featured in the May '69 issue of Hot Rod magazine. Dick Wood's SS/JA '69 428 Torino took out Bob Lambeck in Dick Landy's Dodge with a 12.46 at 114.94 in the semi final. Tom Stafford's SS/GA '68 428 Mustang, in far lane, bested the Terry & Wood drag team with a 12.17 in the final go for the S/S win.


Agent 1320 Reports news column in the September 1969 issue of Super Stock magazine; "Looks like the Ford drag team is expanding. The drivers, Platt, Payne, Terry, and Wood are going to be handling their Mustangs and Fairlanes, alright, but each team will have a cammer-powered blue and white match race '69 Mustang soon as well, and maybe later the 429 engines will be slipped in place of the cammers. At any rate, the team, which has been doing a first-rate job of education, entertainment, and racing, will be even more active in the future."


Ed Terry yanks the wheels in his 1970 Ford Drag Team 427 SOHC Match-Race Mustang at both Irwindale Dragway, and OCIR in California. It was originally built by Holman-Moody-Stroppe in Long Beach, California for Terry in 1969. This same car, vin 9R02T178884, which started life as a 1969 San Jose built six cylinder fastback, was up for grabs on eBay in November 2002. It received one bid, but was a no sale as the reserve wasn't met. The bidding started at $50,000. Here is the item decription/photos, with all of it's factual errors, as the auction link will eventually drop off. The item description lists it having either a 360, or 460 engine, and an automatic transmission. Obviously, the 427 SOHC and four speed are long gone. The car's vin number verifies it was originally a 1969, obviously updated to 1970 front sheetmetal and taillights. A similar car was built for Hubert Platt with a reverse paint scheme. It was again found for sale for $150,000 on PVB Motorsports website in March 2003.


Rodder and Super Stock features Ed Terry's Ford Drag Team 1970 427-SOHC Match-Race Mustang on the cover of it's July 1970 issue.


Hubert Platt's "Platt & Payne" SS/IA 428 Cobra Jet Mustang lining up against the SS/J Sandy Elliot CJ magazine. The race was the 1969 NHRA Springnationals at the short-lived Dallas International Motor Speedway. Ronnie Sox eventually took the Super Stock trophy with a 10.63 in his Sox & Martin Hemi Cuda at the event. The event was marred by the unfortunate death of funny car pilot Gerry Schwartz after his "Ratty Cat" chevy powered Cougar collided with the out-of-control Mickey Thompson Mach 1 driven by Pat Foster.


FORDS GO FASTER WITH JARDINE HEADERS....Bolt On Jardine Headers And Listen To The Horsepower!...Ed Terry grabs off the big ones with his Jardine-equipped Cobra-Jet" This is Ed Terry's "Terry & Wood" SS/I '69 R-code Shaker equipped 428 Cobra Jet Mustang from a Jardine Headers ad also in the September 1969 issue of Super Stock.


"FE is more than just the chemical symbol for symbolizes the best in Detroit Iron. Nowhere, but nowhere in the whole world can you find one basic design that can do more kinds of things. First and foremost, every FE engine starts out as a dependable reliable street engine; docile enough for the most timid granny. Apply a little 'wrench' and they turn into durable high performance winners in drags, oval track, Grand Prix, and whatever turns you on. And best of all, what fits one...generally fits all. Which gives you practically limitless interchange a relatively low cost. In short, the FE family does it all."....From Fords Muscle Parts book featuring Ed Terry's 1970 Drag Team Super Stock 428 Cobra Jet Mustang.


Hubert Platt's '69 Ford Drag Team 427 SOHC Match-Race Mustang was Super Stock magazines cover story in January 1970. The feature is entitled "Heads-Up Heads-Up Racer". "With a wealth of experience in 427 SOHC Ford race cars, Hubert Platt returns to the 'run whatcha brung' corps with a 3000 lb. Mustang. - Hubert Platt is not exactly a stranger to the Ford 427 SOHC, even though he's been running wedges for three years now. Older fans will recall the Ga. Shaker Fords that ran 10.40's at 134 mph four years ago at 3200 lb., so we believe that Hu's experience will put the new cammer solidly in the 9's at 143 mph very shortly. Only setback might be Hu's unreal schedule of clinic appearances. - Hu's cammer is a stock-size 427 running 4.234" bore and 3.875" stroke, Crane 640 cams, Forgedtrue pistons with 1/8", 1/16" and Dykes top rings, Mickey's aluminum rods, 12.5:1 aluminum heads, Mallory ignition, Doug headers, and Autolite AG703 spark plugs. Car was built from ground up at the H-M-S facility in California not long ago, and mods have been made as necessary. Auto Meter tach, S-W gages, complete Hurst package, and Grand National bucket seat ahead of healthy roll bar, which will be mandatory for heads-up cars running NHRA this season. Air box is a special fabricated item by Holman-Moody-Stroppe of Long Beach, California. - Beneath the 'glass deck lid on the "70 Mustang, there's almost nothing, really, except a 50 lb. Autolite battery and some light-gage flooring. - Driveline consists of Ford T&C crashbox 4-speed, Schiefer 40 lb.wheel and Long clutch, 4.86 locker rear, Ford HD leaf springs, H-M-S bars, and Goodyear 12.00-15 slicks on Kelsey-Hayes wheels. Stewart-Warner twin 240a pumps are clearly visible, while blue and pearl paint by Gordon Smith is topside on the steel-bodied Tang." This same car, was once again the subject of an magazine article in a 1995 issue of "Mustangs & Fords", twenty five years later. The Rare Finds article details the holy grail-like find by Tennessee Ford Dealer Jacky Jones, of the long lost Platt SOHC Drag Team Mustang body. This 1969 car was also updated with 1970 sheetmetal. The Mustang has had a rough life, and has lost it's SOHC engine somewhere along the way. The 1995 article stated Jones plans to restore the Platt Mustang to it's former glory. The current condition and location of this car is unknown.


ED TERRY'S 1970 MUSTANG SUPER STOCK - When Ford decided to field a team of super stocks, their first choice for the West Coast representative was Ed Terry. Long a winner at national drag racing events, this likable star has proven to be more than able to handle the job. His white Ford Mustang is always in show condition and ready to take on all comers. Ed Terry handles his clinic duties as well as he does the racing activity, with knowledge and first hand experience conecrning safety and good driving habits. Watch for him to come to your neighborhood! DRIVER: Ed Terry - CREWCHIEF: Dick Wood - ENGINE: 427 cubic inch Ford Cammer - Weight: 3000 lbs. - PERFORMANCE: 10.20 elasped time, 134 MPH - FUEL: Gasoline - HOME: Los Angeles, Calif. - Sponsor: Ford Drag Team (Fleer Trading Card 1970)


In 2004 the Barrett-Jackson Auction offered up two ex-Drag Team Mustangs. Ed Terry's T-code Match-Race SOHC Mustang that was a no-sale for $50,000 on eBay in 2003 went for $43,200 and his R-code 428-CJ Super Stock Mustang went for $29,160.

9R02R110972 Auction description - Holman-Moody-Stroppe factory Ford Mustang drag car. Unrestored, has been in storage for the last 22 years. Car has never been titled. 2 miles on original speedometer (been unhooked). Raced by Ed Terry as part of the West Coast drag team in 1970. Raced by Brian Cour, Mike Thelin in 1971 to 1972. Setting national records in Super Stock H. 428 SCJ, OEM 427 intake and distributor 1970 Boss 302 carburetor, 5:14 gears. BARRETT-JACKSON #730

9R02T178884 Auction description - Assembled at Ford Motor Co., Milpitas, CA plant in 1969 as a six cylinder fastback in Wimbledon White. Then delivered to Folger Ford in Monrovia, CA. The car then went to Holman-Moody-Stroppe in Long Beach, CA to be prepared for the new Pro-Stock racing class for the 1970 season and was converted from a 1969 to a 1970 model. Numerous modifications were made to lighten the car such as fiberglass hood, fenders, door, and deck lid, ect. The engine bay was modified to accept the 427cid SOHC engine, front and rear suspension was modified for drag racing. The car was assigned Pro-Stock #944 and sent to the Ford Drag Team to be raced by Ed Terry. Raced throughout the country in 1970 and 1971 until Ford discontinued it's racing sponsorship. This race car is in unrestored condition and is unmodified except for engine and transmission. BARRETT-JACKSON #731


NEW DRAG TEAM PHOTOS - Track photographer Tom Kasch Has submitted a batch of vintage drag photos, including these. Platts '69 Super Stock Mustang at Indy in 1970 (1969?), and Ed Terry's Maverick at Indy, also dated 1970. See the complete set at the Tom Kasch Collection. (10-1-05)


HOOKER HEADERS AD - Hubert Platts 1970 "Georgia Shaker" Drag Team Match-Race Mustang is featured in a National Dragster Hooker Headers ad in June of 1970.



CANADIAN DRAG TEAM - Ford of Canada had their own version of the Ford Drag Team in 1970, with the traveling "Ford of Canada Performance Clinic". The Canadian Drag Team used a 429 Cyclone, a 428 Cougar, a 428 Mustang, and a 427 SOHC Mustang, all 1970 models. The 428 Mustang, and the Cyclone have both turned up on eBay. The Mustang is pictured below left, from the eBay auction. The photo shown below center, is another from the Tom Kasch Collection, and pictures the team hauler at Indianapolis Raceway Park in 1970. The Cyclone was sold new through Sandy Elliott Ford, well known for his "Border Bandits" team. (10-1-05)


CANADIAN DRAG TEAM 428 CJ MUSTANG - The Ford of Canada Performance Clinic 428 CJ Mustang was not on eBay as reported, it is in the hands of Michiganders Bill and Mike McGee, who have owned it since 1974. The Q-code 4-speed Drag Pack Mustang retains 99% original paint. It also has the the original Fenton wheels. See more about this cool time machine at the McGee Drag Clinic Mustang page and the Ford of Canada Performance Clinic page. (11-13-05)


NEW DRAG TEAM PHOTOS - Found on eBay, includes Hubert Platt's SOHC Match-race Mustang along with his Super Stock Mustang loaded on the hauler and parked in front of Rice-Holman Ford in New Jersey, and Randy Payne's SS/J 428 Torino lights 'em up at an unknown dragstrip. (11-13-05)


DEARBORN STEEL TUBING FORD DRAG TEAM SHOTS - Some amazing new vintage Ford Drag Team photos have surfaced, kindly sent in by long-time Ford employee, Bill Cook. Bill took these shots when he visited Dearborn Steel Tubing with his father, a Ford Exec, in January 1970. Apparently, the Team was preparing to leave for an appearance. (11-24-05)

UPDATE - These photos were actually taken at a Ford facility at 12011 Market St. in Livonia, Michigan. The building remains in 2012 and is now occupied by Roush Industries. (11-23-12)

A 1969-2012 comparison of the back lot at 12011 Market St.

A 2012 Google street view of 12011 Market St.


1969 CAR CRAFT MAGAZINE - Tom Kasch sent in some Drag Team scans from the April, 1969 issue of Car Craft Magazine. (3-5-06)


1970 NHRA RULE BOOK - Tom Kasch also sent in this nice scan of the Terry & Wood Super Stock Mustang from the 1970 NHRA Rule Book. (3-5-06)


DRAG CLINIC COUGAR SURFACES - Daryl Winslow sent in shots of his ex-Drag Clinic Cougar, taken at the Toronto Speedorama car show. Check them out on the 1970 Canadian Drag Clinic page. (3-5-06)


DICK WOOD R-CODE TORINO ON EBAY - We found what appears to be Dick Wood's Drag Team Torino on eBay recently. It had a starting bid of $20,000, but did not receive any bids. Here's the auction description; "Car belonged to Dick Wood, which was won by him in 1969 at the NHRA Winter Nationals. The odometer reads 8 miles because Dick took the 428 and the C6 transmission out of the car and replaced it with a 351C and a 4 speed manual. The car hasn't been raced since 1986, it's been stored. The car toured the world and won many races. Along with the car, we have a portfolio including magazines from 1969, and newspaper clippings, lots of great information." (11-19-07)


GOING THING PROMOTION MUSTANGS - In 1969, you could buy your very own Drag Team replica, complete with Grabber Blue paint, and white C-stripes with the Going Thing logo. It was part of Ford's little-known "Going Thing" promotion. Ford reportedly built only 103 of these special Mustangs, this example was another eBay find. (1-13-08)


This image of Hubert Platt's Mustang at the 1970 Detroit Auto Show was recently spotted on Boss Mustang's Flickr page. Be sure to check out plenty of other great Ford pix there. (8-23-09)


This image of Platt & Payne's Ford Drag Team Hauler at rest was spotted on Photobucket. (8-23-09)


A Google search turned up this shot of was is apparently Hubert Platt's Ford Drag Team match race SOHC Mustang. It seems Ford Dealer and collector Jacky Jones does indeed have the car and it is under restoration. If you have more pix or info, let us know! (8-23-09)

Ford Drag Team Video

An amazing vintage video featuring the Ford Drag Team cars at the strip has surfaced on Youtube. Included are Platt's Super Stock '69 Mustang and '70 SOHC match-racer, Ed Terry's match-race '70 Mustang, Dick Loehr's Maverick, and Randy Payne driving Dick Brannan's Paul Harvey Boss 429 Maverick. (12-12-09)

Dick Wood Drag Team Torino?

Another internet search turned up a Photobucket account with images of what appears to be Dick Woods now-restored white Drag Team Torino. If you have any information about this car, please let us know. (12-12-09)

Ford Drag Team '69 Mustang & Torino

A huge collection of old drag cars photos on a Fotki photo page includes photos of the Terry & Woods '69 SS/I Mustang and the Platt & Payne '69 SS/J Torino. (12-12-09)

Purvis Ford Drag Team

Ford's 2010 return to NHRA's Pro Stock class just got even more interesting. Long-time IHRA Pro Stock Ford driver Robert Patrick is planning to join Ford's assault on the NHRA with this beautiful retro-themed Drag Team Mustang. Patrick and the Purvis Ford Drag Team join Larry Morgan, Erica Enders, Jim Cunningham and Chris Holbrook in the Mustang camp for 2010. Read more about it on the NHRA story. (12-12-09)


Dearborn Flashback

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